Tips To Beautify An Open Basic Design By Diana Smith

October 06, 2016

If you want to adopt a modern touch in the design of their home, can embrace by simply the goods by an open floor plan to do so. Of course, a layout like this can give you also the possibility to try out your artistic efforts and experiment with various decoration techniques. These few tips, you can simply the amount of inspiration announce the launch.
Playing With Lighting
Playnig With Lighting

One of the best aspects of an open floor plan with one learns, with how to implement different types of lighting and play. A design like this requires a reasonable amount of lighting and the like, which tolerate a different combination of lighting functions. Apart from the fact that an open floor plan for ceiling a perfect setting makes Windows and skylights to the ground, it goes quite well with dramatic and light embedded. A dramatic chandeliers can greatly to illuminate a room, but it's also a stylish touch while smaller pendant luminaires can easily draw attention to individual rooms.


Seem the idea to create a room within a room might be a bit scary, but it's actually quite feasible and highly desirable in a layout like this. An open floor plan gives you the ability to connect certain rooms and rooms and multi-purpose areas create. This can be very easily reached by visually separating the rooms and give a subtle transition zone. In this way, you can easily merge a family room, dining together and the kitchen to preserve during the original sense of style. Another way is layers to add a split level room to achieve this concept, i.e. to create.

Mate color

Wonderful Living Room Design With Exciting Glass Ceiling Skylight

The use of color has always played an important role in interior design, as it is the possibility to transform the entire space, an illusion of one to create much wider or smaller area, but also as a space place accent on certain locations and connect or to share. For this reason, it is important to learn how intelligent color to integrate into your open floor design. One of the options is a neutral base and penetrate to apply the whole room with a touch of bright and lively colors. Another option is to use different shades of the same color in separate rooms. This will create a subtle and soothing transition between the spaces, without the space adds a distasteful and lively atmosphere.

Choose a topic

While a theme certainly is not a necessary component, the choice can help you significantly your decorative pieces and other accessories. to place too much other decorations, can create a setting quite unappetizing and it seem quite confusing. For this reason, the best solution on details within the same species is or is at least of the same color, texture or pattern. This lets you easily connect the spaces and objects, such as vases, sculptures or paintings in similar shapes or sizes. Carpets are one of best desalination decorative pieces, because they have the ability to connect or even space.

Separate zones

While a large area with lots of space and light these wide spaces, which can take away the personality and intimacy of the room seems like a good idea, sometimes. For this reason people leave to separate on some subtle, but nevertheless, effective solutions for the spaces in different zones. Some of the most popular options use transparent divisions such as sliding glass doors or stylish bi fold doors. Another option is to use screens to create curtains or even green walls.
In the last few years, an open floor plan become an integral part of a modern household. Not only that this layout give the budget a wider feeling, but it also offers a large room for entertainment as well. With just a few simple hacks and a skillful use of imagination, one open floor can easily be your fairy tale Palace.

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