Bathroom Design By Zaha Hadid And Noken - Collection Of Vitae

October 11, 2016

Before about two weeks after the death of the famous designer Zaha Hadid, did organic form language in the field of architecture and design has a valuable way by her futuristic master with characteristic left, their last project at the Milan Furniture Fair was presented. The design of exclusive bathroom design manufacturer Noken has ' worked with bath and designed for the collection of "Vitae".

Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Basin Sink Mirror

We have in the near future in reports on article about the innovative concept, after what has in the book fair 'Inovo' by Archiexpo. The curved, soft mesh forms are particularly inspired by the water: as the origin of life, of nature. The other day, already the whole collection of bath in public in London, is provided in the United Kingdom.

Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Deoppelt Sink Organic Shapes

The curved shapes and brilliant, smooth surfaces delight but surprise anyone who already knows the work of Zaha Hadid. All components of each other, complement each other exclusive toiletries in harmony due to their design, use and a consistent total produce. The bathroom is not only optical design touch, but is according to the latest technologies.

Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Freestanding Bathtub Oval White Luxury

The language of nature is not the only connection with the environment inspired. The mixer is particularly sustainable in terms of saving water - flow is on 5.7 l / min and guaranteed low water consumption. In technical terms, the other parts of the exclusive collection are visually appealing, and at the same time environmentally friendly. The mirror from behind we illuminated by LED light and the glistening surfaces reflecting it. The bathroom ceramics 
Carefully crafted by hand. You and the bathroom sink faucet reflect the gentle flow of the water, as well as the authentic forms that nature itself has created. Together with the high quality of the materials and the perfect line Finnish product has fulfilled all the requirements arises. Long use and trouble-free maintenance ensure the high quality of the porcelain and the production process.

Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Noken Vitae Bad Indirect Lighting

The emblematic 'vitae' mixer offers as well: as the whole bathroom faucet, in two variants - chrome and matt white. Its design followed the guiding principle for running water, organic forms and mixtures on the sink of course, as in authentic cast of.
Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Freistehnde Bathtub Fitting Chrome

The high value the exclusive bathroom collection "Vitae" owes not only its optical design and the high quality of the materials, but the reason that that what the last project of the emblematic designer for iSalone. She is wearing her unique philosophy of Zaha Hadid works with the natural source of inspiration.
Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Bathtub Valve Tap Chromed

Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Noken Vitae Bidet Toilet

Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Noken Vitae Sink Mirror

Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Noken Vitae White Single Lever Organic

Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Sink Mirror Fitting Organic Shapes

Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Valve Tap Chrome Organic Shapes

Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Valve Tap Fitting Washbasins

Bathroom Design Zaha Hadid Freestanding Bathtub Oval Luxury Modern Bathroom Design

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