October 29, 2016


Besides being the indispensable instruments for navigation and safe seas, lighthouses have become over time some fantastic examples of architecture and, thanks to collocations of unquestionable impact, have come to acquire an aura of magic enchantment that turns them into attractive in every part of the world.
What here we propose, through 25 beautiful photos of lighthouses, is a veritable journey around the world to discover the most picturesque structures so far made and immortalized in the occurrence of special lights that really hooked.
Vedette of the seas and guiding light of every sailor, lighthouses in the world are unforgettable attraction for tourists and, from Europe to United States of America, you can admire the amazing visual effects created by the power and beauty of nature while marries old and new architectural production.
So prepare to enjoy the 25 photos of lighthouses in the world that we are going to propose, all accompanied by the indication of the place where they were made so that some new destination for a future trip.

1. Talace, Wales

Talace Wales

2. St Mary, England

St Mary England

3. Faro de Hércules, Spain

Faro The Hercules Spain

4. Far de Itapua, Brazil

Far De Itapua Barzil

5. Island Pancha, Spain

Island Pancha Spain

6. Bodie Island, United States of America

Bodie Island

7. Port of Adelaide, Australia

Port Of Adelaide

8. Sydney, Australia


9. Kiipsaare Lighthouse Daymark, Estonia

Kiipsaare Lighthouse Daymark

10. Start Point, England

Start Point England

11. Currituck beach, United States of America

Currituck Beach

12. Capri, Italy

Capri Italy

13. Umpqua River, United States of America

Umpqua River

14. Dungeness, England


15. Brief Rock, USA

Brief Rock

16. Whithaven, England


17. Veli Rat, Croatia

Veli Rat

18. Oahu, Hawaii


19. Kileuea, Hawaii


20. Patras, Greece


21. Portland Bill, USA

Portland Bill

22. Vulcao Dos Capelinhos, Azores

Vulcao Dos Capelinhos

23. Howth Harbour, Ireland

Howth Harbour

24. Svaneke, Denmark

Svaneke Denmark

25. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Ireland

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