Recycled Paper Flowers To Decorate The Wall

October 21, 2016

The idea of creating flowers in waste paper  - to our reader Maria Rita Giovannone, architect - came when, looking for a card to do a little decorating for his daughter, he observed a roll of paper towels and crushing it, he glimpsed the shape of a "petal" which assumed. Then he thought to reuse the rolls of toilet paper, even easier to work with. Thus, the first two imagined flowers, was born the 'idea of getting a real "floral pattern"  to decorate a wall of his house, decorated only by many framed photos ... no furniture. The idea is therefore perfect for passageways where there is no such much depth to put the furniture. Here are the necessary material and photos of the various steps.
What you need if you want to do it too
  • Rolls of toilet paper cardboard and paper towels
  • Ruler
  • Pencil 
  • Scissors 
  • Hot glue gun (20 sticks refills cost approximately 5 euro) 
  • Acrylic enamel spray gloss black (about 2, 50 euro per jar)
  • Acrylic enamel spray transparent glossy (about 2, 50 euro per jar) 
    (rolls of paper ... we recycle them from big rolls paper towels and toilet paper)
  • Chiodini (for wall fix) and hammer

Decorate Wall From Recycled Paper


Required materials: cardboard rolls of toilet paper and kitchen paper to be recycled, ruler, pencil, scissors, hot glue gun (20 sticks refills cost approximately € 5), acrylic spray gloss black enamel (about 2, 50 euro per jar) , glossy transparent acrylic spray enamel (about 2, 50 euro per jar), nails (to fasten them to the wall) and hammer.

Crush rolls of paper.

Step By Step

We mark on one side of the rolls, large and small, of parallel lines; to make them well-parallel, just mark it with a pencil two 1 cm dots files and then join all pairs of dots on the same line with a ruler.

Step By Step 2

We cut with long lines and we get attention all the same stripes, our petals.

Step By Step 3

We position the petals to form our flowers, 5 or 6 petals.

Step By Step 4

We glue the flowers combining the tips.

Step By Step 5

Among the larger petals we can be inserted with smaller by cutting in half some, to create more articulated flowers.

Step By Step 6

Once you made all the flowers, put them together and we color them with the spray paint, making sure to cover well with the color on all sides. Or you can leave the lighter shades. In this case siè used black. We wait for it to dry the spray and repeat the same operation with the transparent spray polish, then always waiting for it to dry well.

Step By Step 7
Once dried flowers, you can start to compose floral texture, combining with hot glue the petals (putting a little 'glue on a small portion of the petal and uniting it to the next flower).

Step By Step 8

The compositions may have the most various forms depending on the tastes, needs, the will to or less than a minimalistic design or very dense and complex. The fix in the outer parts with tacks. As the wall will fix the small compositions, we will join between them with a little 'of hot glue, combining the flowers, so as to achieve a continuous texture.

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