10 Beautiful Rooms With Custom Drapes

October 05, 2016

Layered Drapes

Custom curtains can make a big difference in the bedroom decor. Custom drapery will accent your window in a suitable manner and according to your specifications. Whether formally or informally, you choose the style that will complement your bedroom, furnished and to add style, elegance and warmth into the room. Some things to consider when choosing draped habit are color, material, length and feed. The color that you should, of course, choose the colors match in your room. If spending the money on custom drapery, however it is best, choose a neutral color.
Not only a neutral tone fabric blend with the other colors is in your bedroom as a bright color will fade a neutral color in the Sun. You can also leave also your blinds, if you change your duvet or pillow cases to decide. Quality fabric is elegant and luxurious curtains. It should be not too light or too heavy. However, heavier material, fold and drape better than light material hanging. Refrigeration will keep heavier materials such as Tapestry, suede and Tweed from the room and the light keep as you sleep.
Length and width can be adjusted when to measure. Whether a value, Roman shade, plates or long curtains, curtains should emphasize user-defined according to your taste and the size of your window. If high draped ceiling height will give more. If flush with the ground, the look is fresh and clean. Finally, is wealth drapery lining and padding.
are 10 beautiful styles in different bedrooms follow individual drapery.

1. Pinched Pleat

Pinched Pleat Curtains

Pinched pleat drapes are elegant. You are hung with curtain hooks, which are pierced in the back and hung on a curtain rod or ring. Pinched fold textured fabrics work well with heavier. The panels can be pulled easily along the sides of the window during the day in the sunlight to leave and closed at night for sleep. Pinched fold plates can be combined with colors or not. You work well with high Windows and the space increase.These blinds are clear and clean a smooth, sophisticated style.

2. Panels With Rings

Panels With Rings

Panels with rings offer a fresh look to a bedroom. Fabric drape bright colors and quality good when hung from the rings over a curtain rod. Pinched pleat drapes is beautiful fold when they opened. This style offers an elegant, Manor look to the bedroom. You can be paired with blinds or left alone. Offer long and draping, this custom window treatments that extend Windows and light and space.

3. Multiple Panels

Multiple Panels

If the window wide, several panels hung from a curtain rod will provide a framework for the beautiful Windows and bring the look at the light. Create several long boards in bright colors and light fabrics in a tranquil, scene and open views. Lined panels are easily closed or open push the light or to keep and to allow for the privacy. Soften the look and create space, multiple panels create a kind of quiet.

4. Back Tie

Black Tie

Tied back drapes are elegant. They work well with heavier fabric, which will drape well when pulled again and flush with the ground, when it closed. Roman roses bring a touch of sophistication to a bedroom and work well on short or long curtains. These blinds can be gently pulled back from the window to make and bound together with matching fabric or a colorful ribbon or robing. Cons bindings add draped ornament on this habit. Add a scalloped value for additional elegance or let the bear bar for a simpler style.

5. Layered

Layered Drapes

Layering drapery is an interesting way to create texture in the bedroom. Layer that a sheer with opaque curtains. If you want to mix some color and pattern, colored sheer under a patterned cloth use. Add a light solid color create more depth.

6. Trimmed


Trimmed drapery looks finished and elegant. A thick border, colorful ribbon or tassels, individual draped with fringes to add character and sophistication to the bedroom. A soft color such as ivory and rich sateen material are highlighted by silk taffeta trim. Paired with white or ivory folding curtains, trimmed drapes well on multiple Windows, large or small.

7. Mixed Patterns

Mixed Pattern Drapes

patterned curtains mixing is a stylish way to add character, fabric, and color to the bedroom. If there are enough Windows along one wall, chose two different, but mixing patters and to change colors between the Windows. Use natural cotton fabric that is thick enough to block the Sun. The facade elements should be kept simple and long. You can hang long Rod about one to a uniform appearance. The mixture can enough to give the room a casual feeling subtle with just.

8. Cornice

Cornice Bedroom

A cornice offers value formality to the bedroom. The valance is stiff and stately. Folded coupled with bound back and fringe curtains, the result is elegance and luxury. If you want not to make the room look too formal or hard, select light, natural colors with a touch of texture. The cornice can be flat or have a little pattern and color to the bedroom furnishings are adapted.

9. Roman Shade

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a simple way to dress, while a substitute a window to keep elegant style. Roman shades create a space which is both relaxing and challenging. High-quality materials radiate elegance. Simple pattern and muted tones keep the room tastefully. If multiple Windows in a bedroom decoration, that does look good. Heavier fabric will keep the light when shadows are drawn, and can be set to any arbitrary length when pulled up.

10. More Treatments

Treatment Drapes

Several curtain types, is an elegant way to dress up a bedroom window. It adds layers and textures to the bedroom. This should be done in neutrals and muted earth tones, so that it is not an exaggeration. Few sheer folding curtains fringe tied back drapes and a considerable value. The overall impression is elegant and sophisticated. The material should be of the highest quality, and this should be done only with custom drapery, so that's not not match appear.

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