IKEA Furniture Renovation For Modern Interior And Individually

October 11, 2016

IKEA is known for its elegant and simple design furniture and no doubt are among the most popular pieces of furniture. That means but too easy, she can on various ways to expand and new furniture to suit your taste suitable creation completely. We have compiled a few ideas you different furniture IKEA.
IKEA Furniture Renovation Decoration

Background image can be used on a leaf furniture, lacquer of all decorative elements made of wood, basically. Let yourself be inspired and create your piece of custom furniture. Above all the cabinet doors and furniture can be quickly and easily beautify with wallpaper. You want furniture to renovate this way from IKEA, so you can use all colors and patterns. It is only important that it fits your institution for the rest.Remove the fan first and prepare spray adhesive.
IKEA Furniture Renovation Decoration 1

Then, cut the IKEA furniture pieces of wallpaper big enough, the glue on the front of each box after that.Then don't forget to cut even the handles. If the adhesive dried and the wallpaper is sure, can the boxes in the closet. We find this very original DIY design, different patterns of wallpaper.

IKEA Furniture Renovation Accent Buffet

The IKEA MALM bed is no doubt very attractive. But it has perfectly suited also a very simple white head to let his imagination. thin plate of IKEA furniture, you can redraw and appearances come as almost the head of a whole are made. Cut into small pieces and glue it (E.g. with double-sided tape) for the head.

IKEA Furniture Renovation Decoration 2

IKEA MALM is offered in different colors. It is dominated by a single interface again. You can add new material with an other manner if you IKEA furniture refacturiez. You need templates with selected models, each color of paint and brush.
The model is only down to the surface to redesign the IKEA furniture. Then sprinkle along the pattern with color. Better yet, remove the matrix before the paint is dry. Otherwise, cracks may occur. With ordinary color, is the risk is zero. We find selected by another model idea for every subject, very nice.
IKEA Furniture Renovation Decoration 3

The individual doors can also be changed, simply replace. Although there were associated with additional costs, but he is quick and easy. The buffet was confirmation with new Super front doors and the result is simply stunning. Would the IKEA furniture to redecorate on their side, and the search for appropriate space.
IKEA Furniture Renovation Decoration 4

The sofa has new legs, which quickly sofa IKEA makes the piece of furniture. Feet were chosen over the buffet. Would furniture IKEA replace the feet factor, to replace the feet, you can search on the Swedish company. The selection is great and really impressive. Here you can to see a few meters from the same company. The chairs are from IKEA will be beefed up in every home is missing. lift the legs just relax and this is guaranteed by the footrests. If your furniture for IKEA use to convert draws you attention.
IKEA Furniture Renovation Decoration 5

The method white shelf, the spiced with pastels. You make a few modes and not much changes to the piece of furniture. Simply order the shelf with doors or do doors carefully to highlight with some color. Reshape this idea IKEA Mobile you can adjust to your liking. Here you can see another alternative for IKEA MALM. It was with a little color transforms. The new interface is modern can chic style for example be used for installation in the shabby. First start with a white lacquer. Thus ensuring a brush, if you way of IKEA furniture.
Re Office Source Inspiration Decoration Wallpaper Model Ikea Meubles

The more shares in the IKEA Dresser drawers are a color coated are white. It is important that the color does not and covers to see the original color of the furniture through the new paint. You can delete the color according to the color with a cloth. Is therefore only a small percentage of the piece of furniture remains. Let it dry white. The olive was the second color for example. The color is used in the same way as the color white. You can repeat this step until you are satisfied. But alternating white and olive, and forget not the original color to shine through. Then, conversion furniture is already completed with IKEA.
IKEA Furniture Renovation Decoration 6
IKEA Furniture Renovation Decoration 7

IKEA Furniture Renovation Decoration 8

IKEA Furniture Renovation Decoration 9

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