October 27, 2016

San Alfonso Del Mar

Have you ever wondered what are the most spectacular and expensive luxury pools in the world? We are confident that the answer will surprise you and, to better understand what we're talking about, we proceeded to create an actual list that collects the 10 most expensive properties ever.
In the top ten luxury pools were realized in private homes or in tourist facilities located in every corner of the planet.Then we discover in detail what are the most expensive in the world pools giving to each the exorbitant amount spent on construction.

10 – Umaid Bhawan Palace – $ 225.000

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Hotel and residence the Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the most luxurious to be found in India and the indoor pool located inside is made of a spectacular art deco: the walls and ceiling of the room are completely covered with gold while the bottom of the circular pool is decorated with mosaics inspired by the zodiac.

9 – Kitchukov Family – $ 1 million

Kitchukov Family

Located in Gilbert, Arizona, home of the Kitchukov family have a nothing short of spectacular private pool, has a size that exceeds 10 times the standard well regular pool, a curvy shape and has great attention to detail including fountains, rocks and tongues of fire.

8 – Sarojin Resort – $ 1 million

The Sarojin Resort

Tropical landscaping, hospitality and luxury are the definitely the characteristics of the Sarojin Resort in Thailand where you can admire a spectacular infinity pool of 25 meters. The cost of construction? Just $ 1 million.

7 – Gellert Thermal Baths – $ 1 million

Gellert Thermal Baths

In ex quo with Thai is the Gellert Thermal Baths, situated in Budapest, Hungary. This is a luxury resort with indoor and outdoor, artificial waves, hot springs and everything you could want for a holiday of complete relaxation.

6 – Nemo 33 – $ 3 million

Nemo 33

In the pools of luxury most expensive in the world also appears the Nemo 33. Located in Brussels, Belgium, the Nemo 33 also holds the record of deepest pool ever built with its 33 meters deep. As you can see from the picture is frequented by experienced divers but also by Équipe for the recovery of specific scenes.

5 – Hearst Castle – $ 10 million

Hearst Castle

Inspired by the baths of ancient Rome, here's the extraordinary Hearst Castle pool, California, consisting of priceless mosaics, statues and sought-after marbles of all kinds. If you are curious to discover it live to know that it is open to public tours.

4 - Lev Leviev Residence – $ 68 Million

Lev Leviev Residence

Still a private pool and particularly that created in the London home of Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev: it is an indoor pool entirely covered with Golden tiles with retractable cover and accompanied by sauna and Wellness Centre. To Lev Leviev is the world's most expensive luxury private pool.

3 – San Alfonso del Mar – $ 2 Billion

San Alfonso Del Mar

Algarrbo, Chile. Opened in 2007 the 1.3 km long monumental complex has a pool that uses filtered water from the ocean. In 2008 the property was included in the Guinness Book of records as the largest pool in the world, now lost.

2 – Seagaia Ocean Dome – $ 2 Billion

Seagaia Ocean Dome

A real Ocean prefab: this is how we could describe as the largest indoor pool in the world located in Miyazaki in Japan. Well 2 billion cost, the pool is accompanied by an immense Beach and a fake volcano erupts every 15 minutes, not to mention the retractable roof that allows you to enjoy the Sun directly.

1 – Citystars – $ 5.5 Billion


What is among the world's most expensive luxury pools? The inside of the complex baptized Citystars, located in Sharm El Sheikh. The manufacturers of San Alfonso del Mar have decided to undertake a new challenge that sees big pool (so large that it can be navigated) surrounded by 30,000 condominiums and hotel rooms.

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