Francis Sultana - Luxurious Interiors With Bold Colours

October 06, 2016

Francis Sultana

Francis Sultana renowned is UK-based interior designers, by its Luxury interior designs , strong colors and artwork., in various types of projects, as large apartments and houses to hotels and yachts.

Francis Sultana Apartment

Recently one of the top 100 of the best British interior designers for "House and garden", some of Francis Sultana of best design projects includes the famous PAD London, VIP-restaurant in the year 2015, a place that's inspired by mid-twentieth century French decorating styles with a highly developed modern touch, turning elegant salon, part of stylish jungle.

Ruinart Francis

Francis Sultana was also used by wallpaper magazine as one of top 20 global interior designers called it an international customer base in Europe, Russia, the United States and Asia. Sultana, use high-quality materials, fine craftsmanship and luxury furnishings. Francis works in the residential and commercial interior design.
With an extensive list of high-profile customers and lovers of art, projects such as the Grand Hotel Sofia in Bulgaria, David Gill galleries and armorial boutique at Thomas Goode in Mayfair and a state-of-the-art-60-metre yacht as are also worth noting.
David Gill Galleries Pixlr

Pixlr Hotel Sofia

Francis was the Creative Director of David Gill galleries until 2011, before to establish his own practice.Since then, he has also as a furniture designer thrive, design his first six collections colletion homage to the art to his Deco, followed by Yana, Munira, Anita, Celia and at least a Lulu, inspired a collection of North Africa and Paris in the 1920s.
London Apartment

His works are in a closet, tables exist, upholstery and lighting, the combination of classic lines and precious materials with a modern and sophisticated vision for the modern interior. The Interior design style is influenced by his travels around the world up to Haute Couture. It is defined as a luxurious and full of color, style, to make full use of the different furnishing styles.
Francis Sultana 1

Anyone who are interested about interior design knows his Best design projects and has a constant eye in Francis Sultana and his work, as he is one of the best and most promising uk interior designers. 

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