Coastal Design - The Crow's Nest

October 08, 2016

High Window with a cap covered with bars, wide overhang, einem satin metal roof, soft coastal green shingle siding and playful lookout at the top of the roof sits this island home make a welcome addition to DM airy marshland by Fripp Iceland, SC. Die the next House dignity of the Stokton family built, slip a beautiful land purchased, most die die edge which swamps in South Carolina bounce quiet Fripp Iceland. The Housewas designed by Atlanta architects, Dwayne stone, who was asked the full use out look to take the lush swamp. Constructed by contractor, Alan Patterson, the House has wonderful entertaining space and a unique feature, that I have to refer to, as "The Crows Nest".
Exterior View Of Stockton Home
Exterior view of the Stockton home on Fripp Iceland, SC
Living Room
Interior view of the casual comfortable living spaces
The open great room room with vaulted ceiling and wood beams topped is views of the coast from Golden and green swamp grass surrounded on three sides by the amazing.
Kitchen Area
Inside the open kitchen with an oversized island and vaulted ceiling
Soft gray cabinets with a white quartz top and sleek stainless steel appliances offer a clean, cold look perfect for a tropical holiday home. The painted ship round ceiling offers a rustic texture, both correlated with and contrast to the -colored wooden beams.
Shielded Dining veranda views
More capture the views and fleet island is breeze the dining room veranda with a slats teak table and upholstered teak armchairs set up. Naval blue napkins with patterned tableware to coordinate and the crystal clear glass set on the earth tones set up perfectly imitates with the vortex of ocean and Marsh grass, this outdoor OASIS surrounding.
Bedroom With Bunk Bed


The bedroom is reminiscent of dormitories on sailing ships found so that they the advantages an otherwisecramped space in a truly nautical fashion to take. Madras Plaid beds in bright primary colors pop against the clean white bed frame with stowaway storage. Nautical lighting sconces offer each bunk with a private reading light or an effective way to keep all coastal spirits at Bay.

Crow's Nest Area
Inside the Crow's nest observation loft

The lookout offers 360-degree views in a cozy loft by a spiral staircase metal obtained. The room is ideal for retaining clock or for a relaxing holiday.
Port Hole Mirror

Ruler Mirror

Accessories can all over the House with this quaint port hole mirrors be found, the flat storage opens to reveal shelves and this ruler theme mirror frame , hanging in a locker area.
This open, airy and bright House surrounded by majestic, peaceful swamp views provides abundantinspiration for those who live in their home the appealing look and feel of the coasts want to.

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