How To Create A Garden Roof Project With A Budget In The UK

October 11, 2016

A small house in a popular area of Hackney, was in the United Kingdom by Hayhurst & amp recently rebuilt;co. The design was made by a designer duo, Hussein Chalayan collaborated with fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, and the movies, he designed the costumes of Harry Potter, Batman, Wonder Woman and others.
Garden In Rooftop

Inhabitants of exceptional architectural solution claims to maximize the living space, which is the roof garden.
Garden In Rooftop 1

The House was built in 1996, has it an a level in the Victorian area. As a result of the higher buildings and adjacent to North direction of the House and the lights to enjoy. The living room is equipped with large Windows and sliding glass doors with a second floor and a roof garden created doubled. Their ability to host plant is 800, which will be planted in beds made of stainless steel in the roof.
Garden In Rooftop 2

Garden In Rooftop 3

Garden In Rooftop 4

Garden In Rooftop 5

Garden In Rooftop 6

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