October 31, 2016

Sky Bar Bangkok

Choosing a unique décor is certainly one of the strengths of a bar, the aim is to arouse the curiosity of potential customers by offering something unique and making sure that they feel perfectly at ease. If you are wondering how it is possible to achieve these objectives we will respond by offering you the photos of 15 of the most spectacular bar in the world characterized by outstanding design.
Sites in many different places, from China to Switzerland, passing through Iceland and Thailand, these bars from the original furnishings are the result of precise design choices that, combined with an equally sophisticated architecture, are even creating artificial forms of reality in which multiple languages are encountered leaving space to human interaction.
Those presented by 15 of the world's most spectacular bar are pictures that, as well as presenting furniture unique to say the least, are in some cases further enhanced by the particular suggestions of breathtaking landscapes, just think of the time created by the aurora borealis in Iceland or the effect from the ocean crashing on the rocks.
Inspired by a variety of subjects, ranging from literary to marino, and shaping up between rocky conformations within huge trees or atop skyscrapers, these bars will leave you really dumbfounded by mixing charm, humor and perfect relaxation.
If you are planning a trip to one of the locations that are listed to follow for sure you will not miss to visit these unique structures and really wanted to drink a cocktail and entertaining friends and spend unforgettable evenings.

The White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar – Moscow, Russia

The White Rabbit Restaurant Bar Russia

Joben Bistro – Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Joben Bistro Romania

Joben Bistro Romania 1

Northern Lights – Grindavik, Iceland

Northern Lights Islanda

Northern Lights Islanda 1

Red Sea Bar-Eilat, Israel

Red Sea Bar Israele 1

Red Sea Bar Israele

Blue Frog Lounge-Mumbai, India

Blue Frog Lounge India

Blue Frog Lounge India 1

Sky Bar – Bangkok, Thailand

Sky Bar Bangkok

Sky Bar Bangkok 1

Sunland Pub – Modjadjiskloof, South Africa

Sunland Pub Sud Africa 1

Sunland Pub Sud Africa

H.r. Giger Bar – Gruyere, Switzerland

HR Giger Bar Svizzera

HR Giger Bar Svizzera 1

Hemingway's Lounge-Hollywood, California

Hemingway Lounge California

Hemingway Lounge California 1

Rock Bar – Bali, Indonesia

Rock Bar Indonesia

Rock Bar Indonesia 1

Ozone Bar – Hong Kong, China

Ozone Bar Cina

Ozone Bar Cina 1

Alux Cave Lounge – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Alux Caverna Lounge Messico

Alux Caverna Lounge Messico 1

Bike Bar – Bucharest, Romania

Bicycle Bar Romania

Bicycle Bar Romania 1

The Laundromat Café – Reykjavik, Iceland

The Laundromat Cafe Islanda

The Laundromat Cafe Islanda

The Clinic – Singapore, China

The Clinic Cina 1

The Clinic Cina

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