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October 08, 2016

Design Stylish In Apartment

a few additional obstacles can the decoration of a rented apartment. The limited space and storage can cause that all kinds of decoration dilemmas. During construction and renovation, not an option, the creation of space, with ample storage space and make the room feel like your own impossible! It takes a little creativity. Look at these five simple tips that will help you, purchase a home that feels like your own, even if you do not own.
1. Keep It Light 
Fill a small room with dark colors make the room look even smaller. Light furniture gives the rooms an open and airy atmosphere and makes the room seem nice and good light! You don't trust can get around on a white couch? Light brown, beige and all the same gray space-expanding effect!
West Village Style

2. Use Every Centimetre Of Space 

Think you have filled the room with all the furniture that can take it?Make you your furniture work a little harder for you by buying pieces with built - in storage options. With the area under your bed is more memory without room usable by your bedroom invites you. Ottomans and coffee tables also come with tons of great storage options. It is the space, which you did not before, now the organization makes it so much easier!


3. Clear

How Furniture lighting choice creates clear and reflective pieces less clarity and makes the space more open and thus greater! Fortunately for us, clear and mirrored pieces are all the rage these days. Everything from fully mirrored chest of drawers, right, at the end and coffee tables are easy to find. Create a great, modern look and give the room an open and clutter-free to feel.

Beautiful Furniture

4. Keeping It Open

How clear and reflective pieces, open shelving options, which look great in smaller rooms, because they make the room feel larger. You are the perfect example of fashionable and functional, by adding stock and storage space, a cool and modern design element to your room. In contrast to a traditional, enclosed bookcase, open shelves give the look and feel of wall and built-in shelving: no holes in the wall or construction required!

Furniture For Storage

5. Get Your Lean

One of the large decorative questions the tenant: to hang or not to hang out? While most apartments allow you, hang pictures, there are usually rules, as the hole can become large and often you want to fill it, before you leave! Ain't nobody got time for that! Is the solution? Reject the images! Skewed images and save the hanging process and that of the pain of the two cover-up, when it's time to move. (These modern and save deposit) idea it becomes even easier to decorate, if you change your mind and want to switch to your design.

Modern Design In Apartement

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