How To Recreate A Spa Feeling At Home For Less Than $100

September 08, 2016

Time to get a little pampering. And you can do it without having to spend more money in your own home.
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All deserve to pamper us occasionally, but not always the funds have - or the time for a good spa to go.That's why we bring you a few tricks so that "you can prepare the best afternoon of Spa you in comfortably from home have:"
1 get a private sauna: your bathtub with water hot - tolerable - and for that, the room to close to build up steam
2 water few drops of fragrance oil Eucalyptus leaves or hanging adds, to have a rich smell,.
3... Refresh yourself and relax... Fill a glass with cold water, along with a few slices of lemon, cucumber or any other fruit
4 create a list of music, which according to your wishes
You surround yourself only with some candle light 5. Create an atmosphere quiet.
6 used bags to drain tea of Chamomile to eyes. And keep it for 15 minutes.
7 use some refreshing face mask.
8. Is an hour to give him strength and brightness, at home to pamper your hair with some massage.
Home Spa Bathroom

Brown sugar, a bit of oats and oil forget 9 mix 1 Cup. It will be a good scrub. Remember to apply it on dry skin. You put your lotion 10 a few minutes in the microwave. Apply it warm, if you from the bad step.
These little details are easy to make at home, and is your bathroom to make a soothing experience. In addition, you give your hair care, body, face and inner peace. Is a fully integrated treatment!
Home Spa Cost
Home spa cost
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Home spa day kit
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Home Spa Delhi
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