A Collection Of Simple Garage Design Ideas

September 10, 2016

The garage is he is a essential Purposes The garage is a place Save Cars to avoid Theft or to protect the car against the Sun or Weather by rain or Tau in the evening so the car avoid Tau mad , so that the age the vehicle be more , because it the process of rust on the body car or share that are exposed to moisture andwater .
Garage Size dependent on on the size of the vehicle for small vehicles like for the KIA Picanto SuzukiKarimun or other similar Vehicle Garage with enough Size of 2.4 MX 4.8 m but for larger vehicles a garagemust be with a size of 3 mx 6 m.
Garage Minimalis Design

Simple Garage Design Ideas

Garage Stack

Minimalis Design Garage With Stone Floor

Simple Garage Design Ideas 1

Simple Garage Design Ideas 3

Simple Garage Design Ideas 4

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