Folding Table Wall Mounted Space Saving Cool Design

September 11, 2016

You have bought a small apartment and don't know how all the furniture should fit? Equipped with a folding table on the wall your living room quickly can transform into a dining room. The displayed piece of furniture comes from the American architect PullTab design and is ideal for smaller homes to save space without compromising the aesthetics.

Folding Table Dining Chairs Wall Furniture Design

As the design of the apartment allows you to make the most of the small square you to the folding table adjust to. the other furniture in size and color. We recommend a wall table made of wood because it is easier to fold. Since this piece of furniture is movable, so that a contrasting colour can be selected, what the room reloaded.

Folding Table Fun Wall Desk Work Checkerboard Small

At first glance, you can simply to see the white wall of the living room. But this more work of PullTab design added some lists. Have with their idea architects received a combination of lodging, food, work and fun rooms. How is that possible, we show in the next photos.
Yes, the middle of the wall includes a folding table! He is mounted on simple lion ring and the material used not hard to make at all the table.
Folding Table Wall Cryptically Living Room Sofa Design Apartment

This small folding table is perfect to play chess and other board games on the second, or who has a small room only third. Work, this folding table can be used as a desk.
as a complement to the dining table in the apartment in the wall, wine bar hidden luminous. She will surely impress your guests and is always there when you need a bottle of still wine. the idea of the American architects of the three-in-one wall with hidden folding tables is space-saving and original, perfect for a small stylish apartment.
Folding Table Wall Elegant Design Chairs Wine Dinner
Folding table wall elegant design chairs wine dinner
Folding Table Wall Hidden Furniture Dining Living Together
Folding table wall hidden furniture dining life together
Folding Table Wall Mounted Space Saving Flat Modern

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  1. Ares Adjustable Folding Table from Bizarkdeal

    Love this folding table! It is as sturdy as a short step ladder. Not that I'd recommend it for that use, of course,,, but just comparing the strengths. It is just the right height and has three heights that are easily adjusted to. No assembly required. The It is very light yet so strong. You could use it for different things. Use it as a preparation table while grilling, as a TV tray even for two small people. I can recommend to others very easily. It is a great little table and so much more! A solid product!