DIY Tips: The Right Way Of Painting Furniture

September 08, 2016

So that it does not conflict with the walls and the ceiling, the series of our furniture is now reforming, you want to know how?
Na time, the ceiling and the walls of a room painted, the next step be to renew the image of carpentry, to adapt it to the new colors of the room. To do this, can the first thing need to do, is clean and sand all the wood. Applied in several layers, email paintings offer the permanent coating for wood.

Nice Faux Painting Furniture Ideas Faux Painted Furniture

If the wood in good condition, or if you want special equipment, there are many other ways such as staining, varnishing or waxing.

Color wood
gloss or matte a layer of protection should be applied glazes on the surface of wood in layers, multiple form.
Ensure that each layer dry before you another hand to give in this sense in colder environments, paintings may take several days to dry
PT's with a layer of brush bristles worn-softend only very smooth to get and good airs the room repainted, the wood, first, what to do, it is rebuilt from scratch, wash the surface with SOAP and roughen the surfaces with fine grain sandpaper or abrasive media. Then, the dust with a cloth in turpentine is moistened.

Then, the coating layer prepared surface on which to finish. If you want to apply a new color, based on the layer of malt, and when it is dry, go be painted.
Varnishing and staining wood

Paints enamels as well as long-lasting surfaces and can with matt, satin and shiny surfaces. the varnish with pigments, also change the color of the wood
The first thing is to do for the painting in the same way as for the glazes on the preparation of wood. Grind and fill out, until you get a smooth surface. Then brush the dust and clean the surface with a cloth in turpentine soaked. It is a simple process that consists of the following steps:
1 apply the varnish: pour the paint in a bucket and then RAG on the wet, that's on the wood in the address of the vetoes apply friction.
2 sanding Primer: Elf that first layer of paint, with care will dry to a fine sand paper over the surface
3. remove the dust: particles from the surface with a brush or an old clean. Finished removing dust with a cloth with turpentine is moistened.
4. apply the final coat: the manufacturer's instructions following apply, each layer with a clean brush. Easily on the surface that you have dried, because each layer sanded.

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