10 Roommates Are Refreshingly Different, Beautiful And Practical

September 28, 2016

Wall Hanger Design GamFratesi

The dancing wardrobe

A wardrobe is a difficult task. Usually it takes up too much space, works half as well loaded or is simply too strong in design. Not so the wardrobe of Waltz, which has designed the Danish Italian furniture GAM Fratesi. It is chic, unpretentious, absorbs the landmark of Thonet designs with modern ease and dancing really as a waltz of along the wall.
Anvandbar Keimschale Stufig

The seed shell, which fits in the kitchen

IKEA keeps surprising with really good design. Not all stay long in the offer, because what does not have the desired sold, quickly disappear from the range. So you must sometimes simply access: this bud Bowl stung me immediately in the eye when I discovered them on a Foodblog. Because she used a Hobbyköchin namely as storage and serving dishes. For that, the noble vessel Anvandbar is however not intended, but as germ bowl of sprouts and herbs can be drawn.
Flower Box Design By Belila

The flower boxes for indoor

Also this planter made of enamelled ceramics convinced completely. Stylish and practical, it is the most important culinary herbs thrive around the year. It's good for a kitchen, because it brings style and life and fits anywhere. The vessel named flower is made by the French company of Belila.
Carpet With Wave Motif

New wave at the bottom

The Swiss design Studio Pfister is now firmly on the carpets. The best is uniquely by master Alfredo Häberli itself, it's called feldmeilen.
Pitcher With Black Color

A pitcher, which is

Frequent consolation in England in critical situations with the famous phrase «Let's put the kettle on» - «Let's meet the kettle and prepare a properly hot, strong cup of tea» Thanks to the Danish company Stelton, and of course their designers, there are also beautiful kettle. This one is called Emma and comfort with beauty and elegance.
Stem Vase

Support for individual items

Who doesn't know that? There is this a flower or the perfect branch, but unfortunately the strong single piece never really comes, it simply in any vase as is, as it should. Menu helps the off with this small, fine style vase.
Amazing Wallpaper

A wallpaper that expands the space

Even the smallest and meanest apartment becomes a big world with the witty wallpaper by Elli Popp . The pictured wallpaper is called «Les voyages fantastique» and shows a shimmering pearl Spacelandschaft.
Plateau By Archipelago

Craftsmanship at its finest

In the tray archipelago by Studio formata I fell in love immediately. It is made of fine wood and shows a marble pattern in pink.
Portego Selfportrait Coral Wall

For Selfies with style

Because I am much in the city, I see tourists on every corner to make the Selfies, usually with the arm extending sticks. The same idea is at the beautiful mirror «self portrait» meaning of Portego unequally and more stylish implemented.

Soft as a cloud

At the end of this small selection of design, I set the textiles. Often, you don't go under design because the material, texture, and color are more important than the form. Are fine textiles design pure and strongly differ from cheap products.Forget the ten-thousand cushion offered each season, the cheap bed linen or the blouses rug and afford quality. For the Italian company stands limonta society with their fantastic bed and table linen. Beautiful here in powder blue and Sage, in the softest cashmere, of course.

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